Mezzo Cammin Women Poets Timeline

The Mezzo Cammin Women Poets Timeline, edited by Kim Bridgford, is an exciting & ambitious literary project, aiming to build the largest database of women poets in the world.  Currently there are 70 essays in the process of being written, edited, and uploaded onto the Mezzo Cammin website.

The project is fed, in part, by the annual Mezzo Cammin Seminar held at the Poetry by the Sea Conference.   Each Seminar member writes an essay on a poet of her choosing and presents it to their colleagues at the conference.  The essays are then added to the Timeline.

As a member of the Seminar for the past three years, I have contributed essays on poets Marie Ponsot, Denise Levetov, Louise Erdrich, Anna Swir, and Mary Karr.

Please feel free to visit the website and explore the Timeline.  Also, if you know of particular poets you would like to see included on the Timeline, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks for your interest in this exciting project!

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