Christmas Meditation: “Emmanuel”



                                                            From the cave of darkness
                                                               a baby comes to light.
                                                            In the nick of time,
                                                               eternity tonight.
                                                            In a world of error
                                                               a perfect child is birthed.
                                                            In the midst of terror,
                                                               peace arrives on earth.
                                                            In the chill of winter
                                                              dawns this blazing son.
                                                            To a world of sinners
                                                               comes this sinless one.
                                                            In a land of chaos
                                                               speaks this single Word
                                                            whose voice can raise the dead,
                                                               whose promise can be heard.
                                                            Even as he cries
                                                              sleepers stir beneath the sod
                                                            for nothing is impossible
                                                               with God.
Poem by Angela Alaimo O’Donnell was published in Christian Century, Dec 12, 2011.  “Epiphany” image by artist Janet McKenzie,
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